Complex supply of vessels
all types and classes of vessel replacement spare parts
for various types of equipment

Working with us is convenient

Reasonable prices for the entire range
Individual approach to each client
Operational processing of requests
Warranty for delivery time
All products are certified

Special conditiones for the purchase of positions from the warehouse

How we work

    Leave a request in a convenient way:
    on the site by attaching the file in the request form;
    call us on the phone +351211803149
    send a request to the mail;
    make a request by selecting parts from our catalog.

The manager immediately selects the best offers on correlation of price / quality / delivery time among the assortment of our warehouse and hundreds of our supplier partners.

You get a well-formed commercial proposal taking into account all your needs and request features.

When you approve our prices and determine the amount we will agree on the payment terms and issue the contract.

The logistics department will complete your order in the shortest time and send to anywhere in the world by a convenient mode of transport for you.

Own warehouse, efficient logistics and uninterrupted supply

    A wide range of vessel spare parts is available in the company's warehouse in Lisbon
    Advanced technical equipment of the company
    A huge network of suppliers around the world and a constantly updated database of offers
    Well-established and developed over the years relations with transport companies
    Own logistics department and customs registration

All this allows to guarantee uninterrupted supply and to deliver any quantity of spare parts to any place of the world.

Specialization and range

Our specialization is the complex delivery of vessel equipment and spare parts, as well as technical supply for replacing of outdated equipment.

We follow the trends of the marine industry and offer optimal and relevant solutions that can meet the demands of any customer.

The range in our warehouse is constantly supplemented by new positions to keep pace with the increasing demand.

Geography of deliveries

The geography of our deliveries of vessel spare parts is expanding every year and already covers more than 20 countries around the world. More and more customers prefer us, also owing to our convenient location.

    The location on the Iberian Peninsula has advantages because:
    It allows us to form and deliver orders in the shortest possible time.
    Experience and close cooperation with European manufacturers give us the opportunity to make the best offer for original spare parts.
    We can rapidly process and quickly send vessel spare parts related to a specific import

Who we supply

Large ship owners in Russia, CIS, Europe and Africa, shipyards, small private dockyards, supply companies.

МWe value our customers and maintain mutually beneficial relations for many years.

92,3% of customers come to us again.


About us

We are a team of professionals. Marine engineering and technical education, extensive experience in ship repair and supply have allowed us to clearly build the process of supplying vessel spare parts to the best world standards for the benefit of our customers.

Our team works on the basis of our own and global experience of ship repair technologies, taking into account a deep understanding of the local market and an individual approach to customers.

    Our priorities are:
    quality customer service;
    long-term partnership;
    improvement of qualification and level of knowledge of employees.

We really carefully and scrupulously consider and analyze each request in order to offer the best solution.

Our team is your right choice.

We are fluent in Russian, English and Portuguese.

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